Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quilt Hanging Solution

My husband humors my quilting quite well and how much it takes over our home. Fabric is everywhere in heaps. Snipped threads trail after me around the house like I'm Hansel & Gretel. My 12ft longarm currently lives in our bedroom (on his side of the bed!)

When I try and take photographs of my quilts I have recently found myself constructing more and more bizarre and dangerous ways to get high enough to be able to take a picture of them flat on the floor. Worried that I might end my existance by falling off a tower of stacked furniture - splat onto the quilt below. I've been trying to come up with a way that I can hang my quilts up to take pictures of them - without having to put a hanging sleeve on the back of every quilt and without wrecking the house anymore in order to preserve my marriage!

So I was looking for a way to hang quilts that was semi permenant, does not mark the walls, does not require death defying feats that even circus contortionists and jugglers would be proud of. I have been thinking about this solution for about some 6 months now - determined to find the ideal solution.  Here is what I have come up with.

These are wooden Quilt Hangers (packet of 2) that I found on ebay.  These quilt hangers hang on a nail or screw that you can put into the wall. (They come with screws & drywall anchors.) You can see the YouTube video here. They measure 3" high by 1" wide - but they are surprisingly sturdy. They come in a variety of colors - they look attractive AND they do not mark your finished quilt.

We have picture rails in our house - so I purchased some white picture rail hooks and hooked them into the hole where your nail or screw might go.

And voila - I was able to hang my quilt, take pictures - without making a single hole or mark in or on the wall & without stitching a hanging sleeve in. The kids had a riot running behind the quilt and back out again - so they really held the quilt well.

I am so thrilled to have discovered this solution. I really hope it helps someone else too.

Here would be my suggested number of hangers for common quilt sizes. Note: 1 packet comes with 2 hangers. I would put at least 1 hanger to every 30" or less. Small - 2 hangers, Baby or Crib - 3 hangers, Twin or Full - 4 hangers, Queen or King - 5 or 6 hangers.


driftwood said...

looks like a great idea. now if you can just come with an idea for when you don't have a picture rail.........

Unknown said...

My first option was to put nails in the wall & paint them the same color as the wall so that 'you couldn't really see them' but my hubby didn't really go for that one. Maybe an excuse for installing a picture rail? ..... I'm sorry I failed you!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like a great idea. And oooooh, have we seen that quilt? It looks fabulous -- I'm intrigued by what looks like a sweater in the house in the corner of the quilt!