Friday, March 7, 2014

Bee Purposeful: Navy and Aqua Chevron Striped Quilt

Back in July 2013 Little Miss Shabby asked for participants in a quilting bee that would fundraise for her churches mission work.

I am simply floored and humbled by how much I have learnt through the process. 

In August we made Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks. I thought this would be a piece of cake - simple squares - but I was made to eat my words! Here are the blocks I contributed to September's Quilt.

How cute does the final quilt look?

In September we made Churn Dash blocks. Toni was the quilter for October.

Again I learnt how little I knew about piecing. My blocks are above and the finished quilt is below. 

In October it was my month to choose a pattern and be the quilter.  I hummed and haa'd and bugged Corey with lots of silly questions. I finally decided on a Navy & Aqua Chevrons. Here is the finished quilt.

I quilted each white chevron in a different design. 

And here is the back. Using up 3 left over strips. I am really working on making my backs a bit more interesting. I see lots of quilts out there which have clever backs - and I will be putting a lot more thought into my backs from now on.

In November we made Flying Geese for Carla.  My blocks (below) have been lost in the post somewhere and have yet to make it to Canada.

But here is the quilt that Carla put together.

And January was our last month - and we made these 'Not Quite a Sawtooth Stars' and sent additional fabric along with this block (see mine below) that Jody is going to make into a larger medallion for the center of the quilt.

My biggest disappointment was obviously my geese not flying all the way to Canada. But I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this quilting bee and I hope to be part of more in the future too.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow Rachael -- you did a stunning job on the quilting. I'm SO impressed that the chevrons on your back lined up with the quilting -- what a great job!!!

driftwood said...

wow, your chevron quilt looks amazing, love the backing, and all the other bee quilts are fantastic too!

Rachael Dorr said...

Thanks Tess - It was a really nice group to be a part of. I was the total amateur & baby of the group though - so I was pleased with how 'my' quilt idea turned out.

Rachael Dorr said...

Thank you Anna - the back isn't perfectly lined up - but it is nicely horizontal at least ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short! These are awesome! :-)

Rachael Dorr said...

Thank you Rebecca - I have one of your quilts coming up ;-)