Monday, February 3, 2014

Diary of a Longarm: End of Week 3 - Unpicking stitches is not fun

This is a quilt top that I got from my guild (NYC Metro MOD Quilters) to quilt. Stuck for ideas and inspiration I asked a couple of members for ideas.

Everyone liked the idea of curved lines and variegated thread. I have not kept it a secret that I struggle with color. I really want to use color more and get more comfortable with it and hone skills to enhance pieces of work with colored thread. Game to try the variegated thread on this piece I quilted for maybe 20-30 mins (you really do cover ground very quickly with these machines.) I didn't like it at all. 

5+hrs of unpicking later ........

I still haven't got the courage to reload the piece and try again.

1 comment:

driftwood said...

oh what a shame, it looks lovely from here but it you weren't happy with it....

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