Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matching Girl and Doll Nightdress

A friend asked me to make a matching summer nightdress for her daughter and her favorite doll. The requirements was using a cotton fabric, simple to get on and off and that was about it.

This is what I came up with.
A simple neckline for easy on and off.Three growth tucks so the nightdress will last a long time. I'm pleased with the results - and I dearly hope they fit both girl and doll well.

As I've pursued all this crafting stuff I've become more and more fussy with my finished projects. Sometimes I'm probably too hard on myself - but there was a point in this project when I had finished - unhappy and unsure I had done my best - I took everything apart and adjusted just very slightly. I think it was worth it. But I took this photo in a moment of frustration!

For this project I butchered Kwik Sew pattern 3105 and McCall's Crafts M4338. The fabric is Moda Always & Forever Forget Me Not Bouquets White


Thimbleanna said...

They're both adorable Rachael! I love the fabric that you've chosen too!

Anonymous said...

what fabulous nightdresses!! I remember when my monster wanted matching outfits for her teddy to wear, even a bikini!

hetty said...

Cute nightgowns! I love the idea of the growth tucks.

Sue said...

Been there. Rob shakes his head when I pick out stitches to fix something only I can see. He's gotten used to it, but if I know there's something wrong, I can't not fix it.