Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Martha Stewart Show - Homemade Knitwear Day

Yesterday I packed two bunnies in a big bag and took them to see the Martha Stewart Show to be filmed. It was a special edition of the show where the guests where invited to bring in their favorite knitted item and bring the project that they were currently working on.

We all queued outside (freezing) and then we went into a room where we were asked to take out our goods and the producer walked around spotting items that might be featured in the show ..... my little rabbits were very excited and really wanted to be spotted .... alas they did not make the cut. But Anna Hrachovec was picked out for her wonderful knitted toys. My favorite was her carrot patch (what a bunny surprise!)

Anna's work is so inventive and witty - she definitely fully deserved her Martha moment.

Here are pictures of my bunnies in the studio waiting for the show to start.
Throughout the whole show everyone was knitting their latest project ..... I wonder if any of us looked up once from our little projects to see what Martha was doing! Martha showed us how to a make a bunny from a pair of gloves, how to knit with marzipan, cook chicken and make bangles from left over yarn. Check out the show on Monday 25th February on WNBC at 1pm ... you might be able to spot my bunnies in the audience! Once the show was over everyone was given a copy of Sock and Glove ... which luckily for me ... as now I can make a bunny from a pair of gloves too!

The show was the first time that I have taken my bunnies out in public (I was feeling very shy about them on Tuesday evening) and everyone was very sweet about them - so thank you to everyone who said kind words to me - and it taught me something - I am very proud of my rabbits. I was sad today as I posted the boy bunny off to Maryland (he is going to keep a new born baby boy company) - we rather bonded yesterday and I felt that perhaps you sometimes need to keep the odd treasured creation .... just because .......


Anonymous said...

Oh your bunnies so should have been TV stars!


Anne Sutton said...

Oh what we bunny lovers will do for our bunnies! Yours are just adorable and if Martha had been the one to choose they would have been on the show. How exciting!

Anna said...

Your bunnies are so adorable!! I wish I had seen them in person. (I guess it was a little chaotic after the show..)

Thanks for your nice words about my garden project. I guess we'll see how it all looks on Monday!

PG said...

How glamorous, going to a Martha Stewart show! She has made a proper comeback, hasn't she? I agree, you have to save just one or two creations...but you will know which ones when they give that extra tug at your heart.

Bumpkin Bears said...

awww I would have chosen your bunnies for sure for the show, I just saw them on your Etsy site - too cute :) Beary Hugs, Catherine x