Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jenny and Scott's Chuppah

My dear friend Megan asked me to make Jenny & Scott's Chuppah for their wedding on June 29th. I have been so excited to be involved. Invited guests were sent a 7"x7" square and asked to decorate it in some way. These squares were then sewn together. Jenny also provided some Japanese fabrics that she wanted incorporated into the Chuppah. Your wedding day is such an enormous life event - and because of this production has been a nerve wracking experience - and I just hope that Jenny & Scott enjoy the finished product. I'll post some more photos soon .......

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Matt said...

This was the most amazing chuppah creation I could have ever imagined. The bride and groom (as well as the parents)were in tears. There was a particularly beautiful part of the ceremony where the rabbi asked the bride and groom to look up at the chuppah and see all the messages of love and support that their family and friends had made. Rachael's work was creative (incorporating the bride's wishes as well as her own aesthetic suggestions), absolutely beautiful (outside in Vail, against the green Rockies), and impeccably done (every square set off with individually chosen fabric and every seam perfectly stitched). As the bride's mother said, Rachael has created an heirloom. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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